Copyright 2010 SevenSeas Inc Welcome to SevenSeas, a SIX SIGMA-driven company providing  Business Process Consulting and Technology Services. SevenSeas supports companies across the globe in the improvement  and optimization of their business processes. Our core focus is on  Technology, Media & Entertainment Services, and Healthcare  industries worldwide. At SevenSeas, our expertise and experience ensures workable,  affordable and profitable solutions in the area of processing. We  help to develop innovative business models that commercialize  promising new ideas and technologies across the globe. As a Sigma Six-driven entity, SevenSeas is more than just a services  and solutions provider; it is a long-term associate to facilitate your  business scale new heights. Review  …of existing business processes, systems  and internal controls to determine their  value and profitability.  Analysis …of the total process to understand the  areas that need improvement vis-à-vis  industry benchmarks and practices.  Implementation  …of alternative options and transition  plans to optimize workflow, establish  performance metrics, deliver value-added  output.